Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Blue pill or the Red pill ?

The stage is set. It happens always for me i guess. This time its Megadeth- A Tout Le Monde. The lyrics go something like this ....

Moving on is a simple thing
What it leaves behind is hard

There are according to me ...only two ways you can deal with ,what you call as moving on. The above shown two pills are reminiscent of this very fact. The first one, the blue pill marks the ignorance-as in you take this sugar coated pill now and act as if everything is same as it was ever before.The red pill is the truth, and as they say it is The bitter truth.
So by intuition you must have guessed that this pill is the bitter one. You might at this stage wonder which fool would even think of taking the blue pill. But there lies the gimmick, if you wish to call it that. The blue pill actually is a sugar coated one on the outside but has its bitterness on the inside. So while are enjoying it in your mouth, as soon as you swallow it, the coat is gone, it shows its true colors and you will have tough time fighting a long and hard battle against this monster inside you. You can hardly do anything than wait for the effect to subside, or you can some precautionary measures,mind you, only to reduce its aftermath.
The Red pill holds completely different prospects for us. It is no doubt,as we have seen, bitter on the outside. So while you have this thing long enough in your mouth, you can deal with this(the outer coat). After you have dealt with the bitterness, the trouble is all over and all you got to do at this stage is to happily swallow it and it is rest assured that you have better days ahead of you.
This is precisely what I feel about life - either you fight with it now or let it reign over you later.

P.S. I apologize to all those people who bore with me about this heartfelt story of the two pills. This is all about the rising of the phoenix from the ashes-as your address bar says.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

All's Well That....

A scenic beauty spot in front of your eyes as soon you draw aside your curtains, your conscience imploring for more sleep even though you have slept for more than 10 hrs now... this can be the ideal way you can dream of waking up every morning, the way a filmy heroine wakes up as shown in our very own Indian movies.

But there are other ways too my friend! You realize that its time for your lab by the time u wake up and luckily the first thing your dreary eyes glance upon as soon as they unfold is your alarm clock which is already tired trying to wake you up since half an hour. Arise,awake and stop not till your goal is reached.... that's is all you could do now... make a 200 m dash to your laboratory where you have the prof wielding his authority upon you and as if this is not enough all your friends will be frowning at you for being late again. After this u realize you forgot to actually brush your teeth !! And there comes the icing on the cake from some friend of your's telling you that its already been more than a week since you have taken bath.

"Your thoughts will soon be wandering, the way they always doooo" the song- Turn the page from Metallica- you play in your room echoes your feelings like an amplifier.
Its time for another of those melancholic soliloquies-your retrospection begins once your lab ends. You realize that u aren't the same person u were a couple of years ago. everything was all rosy then. u were doing everything on time, u had friends, u spent hell lot of time with them and still could manage to be punctual in everything. You were the early to bed, early to rise kinda guy-the ideal momma's boy. Now u rarely do anything. Guess its in the way u start your day.Though the famous adage goes like-All's well that ends well (a play from Shakespeare), why not have something like All's Well That Begins Well.... huh !
And while there is nothing to be done....... u pen down some crap like this......

Monday, March 17, 2008

Roadies ....

An atrocious journey in an old crooked bus from the huge, yet conjested roads of Delhi to the sandy roads of Pilani. Right from the intermittent short naps I had been trying to take all day long, to the beautiful girl in the yellow dress who sat in the adjacent seat, to the endless discussions happening in the back seat, the journey had seen it all. Apart from feeling sorry for the 'yellow' girl who actually struggled to find a place for herself, there were other things happening out there too. The discussion which i was eavesdropping on provided some food for thought. They were discussing about the most happening event right now in India.

All those people guessing it to be something about Indian cricket or the budget can easily be proved wrong, 'cos its about our very own Mtv Roadies-5.0 . Guys, I had seen the earlier version while at home,but this year it not only got bigger by going global (excuse me if i am sounding like a marketeer for the show) but the twists and turns it has thrown in front of us has certainly taken it greater heights. Now, it did not generate the huge interest it does today, intially with the auditions and all which are pretty much the same every year, it certainly gets monotonous to a good extent except for the fact that you get to see new faces(and 'faces' reminds me of the pretty face from Delhi - eternaldeniedchrist! .. lol.. ). But the later part (which is currently going fact) did throw up surprising incidents. The people who, on the outside were looking really cool and pretty were by far the most notorious masterminds. Of course it goes without saying that it proved again that you should never judge a man by his appearance. It showed how people generally buckle under pressure,apart from the more obvious competitions that were being held.
The most intersting part of any episode is the "vote out" . Here, roadies need to vote someone among them out of the game. The serious plotting and the backstabbing taking place, the undercurrents being generated about one another all combine to become the driving force in picking a scape goat every week. It portrays in a blatant fashion, how few people try to take advantage of the weak minded to play for their own good. Also, another interesting aspect which came to fore was the regionality issue. Blame it on us for having such narrow mindedness that we stop judging people by their tastes,habits and ther general behaviour and start ocussing on their place of origin!! Its pity that such preposterous issues are on the basis of which most of
the plotting takes place rather than the excellence one had shown on field.
Coming to the discussion in the bus, it was not related to this, but it focussed on a more subtle point- the validity of the show. A similar discussion had cropped up regarding the Kaun Banega Crorepati show when Harshavardhan Navathe became the first person to answer all the questions, but it still left the TRP ratings untouched. The same applies for this show too. As they say... you love it , you hate it..but you cant ignore it .
The basic reason I find that people have started questioning its validity is because they cant digest those microphones dangling and video cameras capturing all the serious plotting going on behind the doors.The events unfolding might just eliminate our favorites from the show through some foulplay by the roadies or some hard luck, but the Roadies journey continues.

P.S : I cannot think of any possible explanation of writing this post except that there was nothing else to be done.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Men In Blue....... overhyped ?!?!

This is in response to some of the articles i have seen in recent past which in a way have tried to address the issue of over hyped Indian cricket team's win Down Under.
Cmon guys, this aint any normal victory!! Look at what happened in the test series-the much hyped..Border-Gavaskar trophy,what we were left with is some bad cricket by our players at the end of 1st test and some horrendous umpiring decisions in the second test,ever seen a third umpire making a mistake which even the commentators could'nt make ??
The saga continued in the 3rd test as well but we won !! The fourth ended in a well fought draw.
The simplest inference every person could draw from this series is - the series victory for Australia was not totally deserving.
Now the comments galore!! .. Harbhajan vs Symonds , Hayden vs Harbhajan, Ishant vs Symonds.As summed up by Dhoni, the Aussies had turned these kind of incidents into an art and that India would need to catch up.
Now coming to the CB series.Where was Srilanka in the series anyways??? Of course it did give India a few jitters for the final spot. The whole of CB series was like waiting for the finals of the cup and watch another major clash of the titans!
Now after all this ,a 2-0 whitewash to sum it all up.Sachin not just helping India win as usual but actually taking them through was another highlight.The extradorniary performances of Ishant,Gambhir,new boy-Praveen Kumar also were deservingly given credit by the media
Dont you think this deserved the kind of backing the media has given to our "men in blue"? This has generated such an aura around our players "The Untouchables" . I personally feel that, although media for its own reasons has ignited these duels Down Under has rightfully given our players their due.This talk about media blowing the issue out of proportion is worthless.Let us join the celebration of cricket,the sweet victory down under which traditionally has left us bad memories,except perhaps the '87 series starring Ravi Shastri.